5 Things Every Person Should Realize About Affiliate Marketing

The landscape of affiliate marketing has completely changed over the past decade. In past years, affiliate marketing looked a lot like multi-level marketing; you needed a group to get started and there was a lot of shady business going down.

That’s all changed now and I’m excited about it! Here is 5 solid reasons why you should start incorporated affiliate marketing into your life or business.


You get rewarded for helping others find great products

Affiliate marketing is simply a referral system. It’s unlike MLM in that there are no rules to how much you have to sell, there are no levels or point systems, it’s just a basic commission.

The affiliate program will track users via your custom URL and if a purchase is made, you get a commission. Very simple!

Why wouldn’t you want to get a commission from a company for simply telling others about it? I suspect many will be turned off by such an idea – why should we get paid for helping our friends. Fair enough.

But the social world is trending away from friends into like-minds. In this digital world you have to take advantage of small (and potentially huge) opportunities like this. I’m not suggesting your start flooding Grandma’s inbox with affiliate offers, but what about social media? What about your blog? What about your company email list?

You are kidding yourself if you think you can’t sell other people’s products as a business owner. Do you create every single product your customer needs? Obviously not, so why worry if you happen to send out an email pointing them in the right direction to tangential products. You’ve already done the legwork in finding your target market, so why not utilize that information?

A paradigm shift may be needed before you start selling affiliate products, but I can assure you it is a very satisfying feeling to help others get the products they want. I don’t promote anything I don’t use or believe in and that’s good enough for me.


There is an abundance of affiliate products now

Like I said, the landscape has changed. More and more companies are realizing how powerful affiliate marketing can be for promoting their products.

Thus, we have more products to offer as an affiliate. Wouldn’t is suck if we all had to sell the exact same things because there weren’t many options?

Every vertical will have access to affiliate products. You can start with the Clickbank marketplace as it provides a holding area for thousands of different products. It’s kind of become the go to place to start in affiliate marketing. You sign up, pick a product, get your link and you promote it. There is even a real-time stats dashboard for you to keep an eye on your sales.

Once you get the hang of it, you can start looking for affiliate products directly on a company’s website. They will often have a link in the footer asking you to signup.

One of the affiliate programs that I am kind of excited about right now is DraftKings. It’s modern sports betting and growing at an incredible rate. I’m looking for new ways to promote the gaming site and they offer huge conversion payouts up to $300 for a new player + lifetime commissions! That’s just one program I’m keeping my pulse on.

Getting paid is a lot easier now in affiliate marketing

Getting paid is a lot easier now in affiliate marketing

It is very easy to get paid now, unlike the pre-Paypal era

I wasn’t an affiliate before Paypal existed, so I can’t really say, but my guess is that it was not enjoyable to wait for cheques in the mail weeks after you had already done the work to make the sale. This was probably so off-putting that most didn’t even bother to try.

Now it is very standard that affilaites get paid either monthly or bi-monthly after they have met a small threshold like $50 or $100. You get the money deposited right into your Paypal account!

This is really the big game-changer. I bet past affiliates were often quite worried about getting paid on time, or even at all.  I know I would be. Thankfully we are in a new era.

income stream

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest income streams to add to your life

It is the easiest way to add a new income stream

Affiliate marketing can be adapted to almost any business or lifestyle. All you are doing is recommending your customers, clients or friends, the stuff you already use! For many of us creating our own products would be far to difficult and time-consuming. Thus, lets sell other people’s products and make money together!

Did I mention the beauty of adding a zero-overhead income stream?

Now, you aren’t going to get rich overnight as an affiliate, but you won’t go broke either. It’s a very safe income stream to add no matter what you are doing.

Part of the new rich lifestyle design is having multiple income streams, to me this is one of the best ways to work towards that if you haven’t yet started.

Oh man, is this the key for you? New income streams via affiliate marketing?

Oh man, is this the key for you? New income streams via affiliate marketing?

What about adding a affiliate program to your business to drastically increase your product sales?

Isn’t sales growth always a key issue? Have you considered adding a program to your business and seeking out affiliates to do the legwork for you?

What would happen if you added 20-30 affiliates each with email lists in the 4-digits?

What would happen if one of your affiliates has 100000 YouTube subscribers and they promote you?

What would happen if one of your affiliates helped you realize an entire new market segment?

There are a lot of awesome reasons to add your own affiliate program. It’s actually quite easy too. Lots of plugins and software exists to make this happen.

I know a lot of you are on WordPress so I’ll just share my affiliate program setup that I’ve implemented for several businesses. I use Memberpress which comes with Affiliate Royale,

These two plugins allow a complete membership/eCommerce setup plus a built-in affiliate program. The setup is less than 10 minutes and you can start inviting affiliates to sign up.  You can also set their commission rates very easily.

Could this be an opportunity for you?

Could this be an opportunity for you?

How exciting is all of this affiliate marketing in 2015?!

There is no better time to be alive if you want to work from home, earn extra income, make money online, start a side gig, grow sales quickly and a lot of it is due to digital payments, digital products, and affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing is the definition of new rich! You can be mobile while you do it. You can do it passively on the side. You can help others promote their passion products! I mean come on, what  more do you want guys?! Did I mention how easy it is to get started into affiliate marketing?

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