Aweber List Automation

If you are running any sort of sales funnel on your website and collecting email addresses for follow-up marketing then this email list building tactic is for you. If you’ve adopted my overall online business strategy, then this is definitely for you.

Let’s say you have multiple products in your funnel and you want to create a separate email autoresponder follow up for each product. This will require multiple email lists and it will also require that you remove people from lists as they buy products so you don’t continue to sell them after they’ve bought. That would be annoying and suggest you don’t really care about your customer.

And let’s say that you want to add users to product specific lists but you also want to send them general information like new blog posts, new tripwires, new lead magnets, and you don’t want to broadcast to multiple lists.

Thankfully, Aweber list automation takes care of all of this.

Aweber List Automation

You’ll see that I am in the list options setting and I have set the current list that I want to create the automation rule for.  I then have a choice to subscribe or unsubscribe from another list.

So it goes list this:

  1. User opt-in to your email list called ‘prospect’
  2. An automation rule as added to also subscribe that user to the ‘general list’
  3. If the user buys the tripwire or your first product, they are added to the ‘buyer’ list upon purchase. I do this directly in Memberpress. Memberpress allows you to subscribe someone to an aweber list upon purchase without any opt-ins necessary. A product purchase is good enough reason to add someone to your list.
  4. The user will now receive follow-up emails that are within the ‘buyer’ list. They are no longer receiving the ‘prospect’ list emails any more as they automation rule kicked in upon purchase.
  5. You can now sell more aggressively on the ‘buyer’ list and also continue to blast on the ‘general’ list.



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