Hate blogging? Try on a new perspective that is highly motivating!

To be honest I go through phases where I completely hate blogging. It’s time consuming to do it right. I always want to write the best for my readers so when the motivation to write something brilliant isn’t there – blogging can go out the window.

So I’ve tried to refresh my perspective on blogging.

If you are doing some sort of e-commerce on your website or you at least have a sales funnel then there is a better way of looking at blogging. You want to imagine that each blog is a new employee you just hired to talk about one very specific thing about your business. You have to spend the time grooming and training the new employee. But once it’s ready to go, you can send that employee out to talk with thousands, maybe millions of people…simultaneously. There is immense power in thinking this way.

That employee will never get sick. That employee will collect feedback and comments for you. That employee will help introduce potential leads to other employees. Each piece of content is it’s own unique employee designed to target certain prospects and give them certain information and opportunities via the various types of call-to-action.

You can also update old content. A lot of people blog very horizontally. They blog based on time, news and short-term relevancy. This is not the correct mindset. You can be part of the conversation, but leave that to social marketing. When it comes to content marketing, you want to create a piece of content that will still be relevant years from now. Perhaps, it should be worth more a year from now, than it is today. Would you hire an employee to only be relevant for a week? Would you want to spend all that time and resources on such a short-term gain?

Blogging gets it’s value from a small amount of upfront cost in time or resources for a very long-term gain in lead generation.

So if you need a new perspective on blogging, maybe this is it. This is actually a personal problem. I never blog. I prefer video. They both have pros and cons, but I know I’m missing out on huge traffic by not blogging more often. I’ve found this perspective to at least be motivating. What works for you may be different.

So food for thought. Best of luck on your content marketing campaigns.

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