How to use Follow Liker to QUICKLY Build a Big Pinterest Following from Scratch

FYI: If you are at a loss on how to set up, grow and run your Pinterest account then read this post carefully. I have included expert advice on posting guidelines, keys to Pinterest success, as well as a critical component – an effective automated strategy using Follow Liker Software to assist you and speed up the process.

The aim of this post: To give people a solid strategy and walk through on how to tackle Pinterest from scratch.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Basic of Pinterest for Business
  2. Posting Guidelines for Success
  3. Essential Elements of a Pinterest Image
  4. Step-by-Step Follow Liker Automation for Pinterest Growth
  5. Video Walkthrough of Follow Liker
  6. Task Checklist

If you prefer to go digging on Google then you might as well start with these resources that I already found:

OR you can just continue reading below as I’ve already summarized those posts into this one.

I’ve also gone one step further – I included an ACTIONABLE task-list to get you started today, something most articles don’t bother with.

Download the printable Pinterest task list here!

Let’s begin shall we?

The Basics of Pinterest for Business

First of all, why Pinterest?

According to this link this is why you should get on with your Pinterest marketing immediately:

  • Pinterest is seeing skyrocketing popularity
  • Pinterest has a ridiculous ability to drive traffic
  • It builds SEO value with Do Follow links
  • Appeals to multiple vertical markets

So you know why, but is Pinterest right for your business? Check out these recommending verticals below:

  • Apparel—men’s, women’s and children’s
  • Food/beverages, especially recipe-driven
  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Wedding themed
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Health care
  • Personal care
  • Home improvement/DIY accessories
  • Pets
  • Kids products/toys
  • Travel

If you are still with me then it means your business belongs on Pinterest, now you need an actionable strategy to kick it into high gear!


Pinterest Account Setup Basics

Not going to waste your time here. Make sure you use a professional profile image, setup your domain, verify it, and fill your profile description with keywords related to your products or brand.


Setup Rich Pins for Pinterest Business

Make sure you have setup rich pins if you are a verified business account. You will also have to validate one of your pins here. This must be done and approved by Pinterest staff before you get Rich Pins going on your boards.


Basic Pinterest Posting Guidelines

Create a lot of boards – these are your traffic soldiers. The more you send out the more traffic they will return. Of course you need to balance the overall curation of your profile.

Remember people search pinterest not just for pins, but also for authors and boards. That means you want a lot of boards of different keywords, but you may have the same pins on multiple boards.

Don’t forget that board names play a key role in SEO:


that URL will show up in Google depending on keyword competition

Consider creating a master board – People don’t want to follow too many boards. A lot of users appreciate when Pinners have a single master board that they may follow for general style and curation. ie. “Need, Want, Love” type boards.


The 5 Essential Elements of a Pinterest Image

According to Buffer, these are the 5 keys to a great pin:

  1. Use Multiple dominant colors rather than just a single color
  2. Avoid human faces; 23% more engagement on non-face pins
  3. Don’t leave a lot of background showing, 30% max
  4. Choose red, orange and brown, over blues
  5. Maintain moderate colors and saturation over extremes

More guidelines:

  1. Taller images rather than square or horizontal; this is a big one.
  2. Optimal Daytime pin – 2-4pm EST
  3. Optimial Evening pin – 8-1am EST
  4. Key verbs: USE, LOOK, WANT, NEED

Now let’s get to the good stuff.


Growing your Pinterest Account with Follow Liker Automation

In this section I’ve provided a video walkthough to demonstrate how to use Follow Liker to really bolster your social media efforts on Pinterest.

But before you watch, it needs to be said that automation can only take you so far and it is only a partial strategy.

You WILL get nice traffic from just using automation, but you need to add manual efforts to see the real power of Pinterest.

The purpose of using automation, is to speed up the growth process, but not to define it.

Complete Guide to Building your Pinterest account FAST (+Follow Liker Tutorial)

Download the printable Pinterest task list here!

Below is the step-by-step process you should use for setting up Follow Liker for Pinterest.

  • Open Follow Liker
  • Setup Account
    • Email, username, pw
    • ignore proxies unless you are running multiple accounts
  • Find 5-10 Competitors on Pinterest with a decent amount of followers
    • record their username
  • Select 5-10 Keywords or Topics you will be focusing on when searching for pins
  • Right click on your Pinterest Account in Follow Liker and click on Wizard
    • Check off Scrape User & Follow

follow liker

  1. Scraping Users
    1. We need to find people to follow, and follow liker is very useful for that
    2. After selecting Scrape User & Follow click next
    3. Now we need to set the parameters of which users the software should follow and how many.
    4. You will want to create multiple queries here:

follow liker

  • To find/follow users by keyword (in profile, bio or username), select “Normal Search” under “Query Type”, enter the keyword in the “Query” field and save.
  • To find/follow a user’s followers, select “User’s Follower” under “Query Type”, enter the Pinterest username of the user in the “Query” field and save.
  • To find/follow-back your followers, select “User’s Follower” under “Query Type”, enter your Pinterest username in the “Query” field and save.
  • To find/follow Pinterest users discussing a particular topic (shared pin that has a particular word), select “Pin Author” under “Query Type”, enter the topic in the “Query” field and save
  • To find/follow a user’s following, select “User’s Following” under “Query Type”, enter the Pinterest username of the user in the “Query” field and save.
  • To find/follow users who liked pin that has a particular word in its description, select “Users Who Liked” under “Query Type”, enter the keyword in the “Query” field and save.
  • To find/follow users who repinned pin that has a particular word in its description, select “Users Who Repinned” under “Query Type”, enter the keyword in the “Query” field and save.
  • To find/follow users who commented on pin that has a particular word in its description, select “Users Who Commented” under “Query Type”, enter the keyword in the “Query” field and save.


After you have setup some queries, Follow liker can begin its work and start creating a database of users to engage.

After this has begun you will want to go into the wizard and look at the list of users FL followed to make sure they are matching your target demographic. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective.

Now we need to do something with those followers → Follow them!

The reason we follow other people is to engage and hopefully earn a follow back! We aren’t guaranteed to get a follow back but that’s where FL shines, after 3 days (or whatever you choose) it will unfollow the users who did not follow you back. This makes sure you have a reasonable follower to following ratio.

follow liker

You may leave the default setting here for now. You will want to keep your follower to following ratio around 1.0, but if you are just starting you can set it to 0.0 to keep following without stopping. Set your limits low until you are confident with the rest of your settings. You don’t want FL to take off without your close observation.

So that is how you search and follow your target demographic with the goal of having them follow you back. This is basic Pinterest engagement. Let’s move to the more aggressive (optional) settings.

Automatically Liking and Commenting on Pinterest with Follow Liker

Liking on Pinterest is a simple way of engaging others on the social platform. We show our appreciation for other’s curation efforts and pin choices.

Follow liker can scrape pins based on keywords (relevance) or based on another user’s pins (username)

Setup the FL wizard as shown below:

follow liker

Then simply add the keyword queries or the user’s who’s pins you want to like.

If you want more followers then like lots of relevant pins to your brand.

If you want to build relationships with certain pinners, then be sure to like all of their pins!

You are going to want a decent amount of pins in the database so make sure you setup enough queries in the Scrape Pin Settings.

follow liker

Settings for “liking” should be set out as below:

follow liker

You can go crazy with liking with running into too much trouble. Your likes do show up in your account profile, so people may see that you have liked a LOT of pictures.

You have to balance the desire for account growth with the appearance of certain tactics such as mass liking.

Commenting is just as easy and will use the same scraped pins as before. If you are commenting then you probably don’t want to scrape user’s pins because then you will end up using the same comments on all of their photos.

The idea is to scrape a wide variety of pins to comment on and not showcase the use of automation.


What kind of comments are effective here?

You would think it would be quite hard to come up with good comments that don’t look spammy or automated.

The secret….

Emojis! People love getting emoji comments and never get wise to automation. My favorite emojis to use are “thumbs up” “heart” and “Stars”.

Get emojis here to copy and paste into follow liker.


This is where your automation can get insanely powerful – repinning.

Here is my strategy for repinning with Follow Liker:

  1. Create a private board that is somewhat broad, not too niche
    1. ex. Create a board called “NEED THESE!!”
  2. Use 5-10 specific and relevant keywords to scrape pins
  3. Set Follow lIker to repin these keywords set the board name to whatever you called your private board.
  4. You can also insert a new URL to replace the previous URL.

follow liker

  1. In a few days you are going to have a private board filled with new pins based on the keywords you set. The more specific you were the better the board will be with exactly what you want.
  2. Now you can go through manually and prune the pins you don’t want and unpin them.
  3. Then set your board to public!
  4. You now have a board with 100+ pins, hand curated, and pushed to the public after the curation is complete and your follower’s won’t be any wiser!

There are a variaty of ways you can modify this strategy to build big, beautiful Pin boards saving you hours and the hassle of individual pinning my hand. It’s not the pin process that’s hard, it’s the searching for pins you want.

Note: You will want to create separate account setup for different strategies since each setup contains a different set of scraped pins. You don’t want to create multiple boards off the same set of scraped pins as it won’t match.

For example:

  • you may have your general follow and unfollow setup based of scraped users
  • you will have a large set of scraped pins for liking and commenting
  • you will have individual setups for different board for repinning

NOTE: If you have a brand new account. you MUST start slowly and add to your automation in incremental steps. If you have a legitimate account and use some manual pinning, you are fine, but if you set it and forget it and just blast away with automation your account might lock up for 24 hours. I’ve never lost an account but I always start small, and add to the automation process piece by piece. 


If you don’t have a Pinterest account of a decent following yet then you are missing out on big traffic. Some companies report up to 25% of their traffic coming from Pinterest alone.

Pinterest users want to spend money or are at least close to having an intent to buy. Other social networks don’t offer that. People aren’t on Facebook or Twitter looking to buy stuff, on Pinterest they are!

If you want to score than BIG Pinterest traffic then follow this checklist and take action now!

Download the printable Pinterest task list here!

And if you don’t have Follow Liker get it here!

What have you been doing to build your Pinterest account? Have you found as much success with Follow Liker as I have? Leave a comment below and join the conversation!

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    Hi, thanks for this awesome tutorial. I have a new account and I have followed about 600 users but only 30 of them followed me back.
    What percentage of user do follow you back?

  • Tex

    I ran into you when looking for pinterest strategies and software. with follow liker have modules for a variety of social media platforms – which ones do you feel work best – i can only get one at a time. I have some software for pinterest but i am within my 30 days and it does not appear to be as feature rich as follow liker.

    But is it better use twitter (had tweetadder but it not longer works) – i have about 200k follower across a couple of niches but dont have any software to automate the process there much.

    Never have done anything with instagram –

    So where would you start knowing what you know.

    Also, do you have other training available for these types of strategies – i like your checklist approach etc


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