You are ready to start advertising online, but where do you start?

This is an extremely common question for small business owners ready to begin digital marketing campaigns.

You’ve identified that your business needs to be online and you have prepared the budget. However, in today’s landscape, there are so many choices.

The obvious two are Google Adwords (search) and Facebook Ads (social). These platforms have such a large inventory of ad space and powerful targeting options that they can’t be ignored.


So how do you choose which platform to start advertising on?

If you think that your brand, product or business solves an immediate problem or need then Google Adwords is probably best. When people want something right away they go to search to find out how they can get what they want.

But if you think that your customer or client isn’t quite aware that they have an immediate problem then Facebook is the way to go. You want your ad to appear in front of a targeted audience who is most likely to be interested in your product.

Facebook allows you to target a very specific profile whereas Google allows you to target a very specific immediate problem or interest.

It does no use for a plumber to advertise on Facebook because so few users need a plumber at that given moment they see the ad.

However, if you are selling new toilet technology, then no one is ever going to search for that, you need to build brand awareness on a platform like Facebook.


What else is there in terms of other platforms?

First of all, there are plenty of social platforms offering ad impressions: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram to name a few. Use these option to compliment your already existing presence.

Secondly, media buys. You probably have heard of ‘display’ advertising. This is putting your banner ad on another website either directly or through a traffic network. Google also offers this, but there are hundreds of other options.

I’d add a third, but you are just getting started aren’t you?


How to get started with your first digital marketing campaign

My best piece of advice is to pick which one you think is best and then to focus on that one. Your advertising dollars will show a greater return the more data you collect.

If you pick Facebook then setup your first campaign and just let it run with very little targeting besides the obvious demographics and interests. After a few weeks, start optimizing it by only showing your ads at certain times, try changing the photos or call-to-action, then let it run for a few more weeks.

What you don’t want to do is throw down a campaign and then 2 days later say it’s not working and just scrap it.

You don’t find winning campaigns, you create them.

Your return goes up as you gather actionable data which allows you to refine your targeting.

There should be enough here to get you started with your first campaign.

If you are looking for additional consulting for your next campaign don’t hesitate to drop me a line, I’ll provide you with everything you need.


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